Paintings & Drawings

In 2002 I dreamed of being a White Luminous Spider hanging from the silk thread of my body in vast dark space.

Dreams are a powerful way of receiving messages from our unconscious mind. I have a dream journal in which I record my dreams, the ones that stand out. In this dream, I was the spider, and when I awoke I remained in this ‘spider consciousness’ for hours after waking from the dream. In my dream diary, I wrote that I had a deep and profound sense of inner peace during the dream and upon waking. I was so moved by the dream that I have created and continue to create a body of work, drawings and paintings of a female figure hanging onto a rope, suspended in deep space. Each time I create a peace it helps me to access the deep sense of quite and inner peace I had in the dream. I recreate this image time and time again to share my vision, in hopes that the viewer is able to access this state of silence, spaciousness, and freedom,. Freedom to create like the spider, a web of connection, sense of belonging and connection to life, free from the tyranny of the conditioned mind, neurotic behavior, and self imposed limitations. It is now 2021 and I have a Solo exhibition Jan. 23rd at LAAA (Los Angeles Artists Association) 825 Gallery LaCienega Blvd. in Los Angeles. There are 12 major pieces in the show, connected to the dream.

This piece is titled ‘Ascension’ 36″W x 59″ H Pencil on Paper. It depicts the place between dream and waking state.