Paintings & Drawings

Born from the tears of all the lakes, rivers, and oceans, with eyes that see beyond the milky way galaxy, ears that hear a multitude of voices from the world over, and hands that can reach the entire interconnected web of life, Tara is the Embodiment of Wisdom and Compassion. She is a reoccurring image in my art, she is the guardian of all the disowned, dispossessed and invisible people, the champion of the suffering.

This piece is 41″ x 51″ Sumi ink, Gesso, and Colored Pencil on Paper. The painting has sold, and I have available a limited edition signed by the artist, 50 run of 11″ x 17″ prints available. Contact me at mbm@fivechanges.com

I am standing here with my friend Ben Page at his home. He is the proud new owner of the Tara Dancing.

Ben is founder and guide at Shinrin Yoku Los Angeles, also known as Forrest therapy. He is also a mentor and trainer of guides at the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. In addition to his work in forest therapy, Ben is also a co-founder and founding staff member of The Open School, Orange County’s first and only free democratic school. Ben also serves as a staff member of the Neighborhood Academic Initiative at USC. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-page-2543b5100/